URL.ie Changelog

The following is a list of changes made to URL.ie


  • We've added some additional spam checks before creating a short URL, which may require some users to type a reCAPTCHA before continuing.


  • You guessed it; more spam detection improvements!


  • More improvements to spam detection.


  • Improvements to spam detection.
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  • We've introduced reCAPTCHA for some suspicious URLs and IP addresses, but not all. If you're unduly affected by this, please get in touch!  - 4 weeks ago
  • We'll be slow for a few minutes and unavailable for around 30 seconds over the next 5 minutes as we perform upgrades. Apologies!  - 26 weeks ago
  • We send ~15 abuse reports a day. @Crissicnet was 1st reply rec'd in over a month. Resolved in mins & let us know (a first for us in 2014!)  - 40 weeks ago
  • If all hosting companies / ISPs responded like @Crissicnet, the 'net would be a better place. Thanks guys.  - 40 weeks ago
  • Users of @QuadraNET servers ( will no longer be able to access our service. They've a big problem with spam/bots.  - 42 weeks ago