URL.ie Changelog

The following is a list of changes made to URL.ie


  • Improvements to spam detection.


  • Configuration changes for improved performance.


  • Upgrade of underlying frameworks.


  • Update Twitter feed to use new Twitter API.
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  • All finished. Enjoy the weekend!  - 7 weeks ago
  • System maintenance for the next 5 minutes. We'll try and keep the interruption to a minimum.  - 7 weeks ago
  • We're performing some system maintenance (before the lunchtime rush). URL.ie will be slow / unavailable over the next 10 mins.  - 12 weeks ago
  • We're back! Apologies for the brief outage.  - 31 weeks ago
  • Network outage affecting our services. Investigating now, and hope to have resolved shortly. Apols!  - 31 weeks ago