URL.ie Privacy Policy Last Updated: June 14th, 2013

Here is an plain-English explanation of what we do and don't with your personal data.

Summary (TL;DR)

We don't use tracking cookies (analytics or advertising), but reserve the right to. We log standard details (including your IP Address) like most other sites. We do use non-identifiable cookies (like most sites).


This site, like most, does use cookies, but not for advertising or tracking. We use cookies:

  • To prevent system abuse. We store a random, non-identifying temporary cookie in your browser which is overwritten, or rendered expired, each time you shorten a URL, or use our contact/abuse forms. No personal details are stored in this, nor does it link to any personal details on our services. It expires after a number of minutes.
  • To remember your URL.ie account details (if you are logged in to our site). The cookie itself contains no personal details, but it does identify you on our services (so we know what account you are logged in as). It expires after a couple of weeks (if you haven't used our site, whilst logged in).

At this time, we do not use any advertising-related cookies (e.g. Google AdWords), or any statistics/analytics-related cookies (e.g. Google Analytics). However we are likely to start using analytics-related cookies at some point in the future.

We dearly hope never to have to use advertising-related cookies; the cookies that track your usage across many sites, and the ones that are considered most invasive.

Data we collect

When you use our services, including just clicking a URL/link created on our service, that someone has shared with you, we collect your IP address. Whilst your IP address could potentially identify you, we don't have any mechanism to do so, unless you are an account holder with us.

We also collect other non-identifying details such as the date/time of your visit, your browser type (if shared by your browser), and the page you visited URL.ie from (if applicable).

In all cases, we store the data securely, and do not publish, or share with a third party, unless directed by authorised law enforcement agencies, or courts, in the Republic of Ireland.

N/B: The single exception to this is when we detected significant abuse, by someone (or some machine) at your IP address, we will report that abuse to the networks responsible for that IP address.